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Find out how the seca mBCA benefits medical experts worldwide

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Tram Nguyen, MD

Medical Director
DPC Healthcare, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

In a patient-focused setting, Dr. Nguyen, MD, and her colleagues use seca’s medical body composition analyzer in addition to blood tests to quickly determine a patient’s state of health. Patients gratefully experience a reduction in their daily medicine intake and an improvement in their quality of life.


Nelly Kreß

Nelly Kreß – Ernährungsmedizinische Beratung, Berlin, Germany

Nelly Kreß, nutritional consultant in Berlin, can no longer imagine her work without an examination of the body composition. Due to the medical validation and the use in university hospitals, the choice of the seca mBCA was easy for her and her patients are also convinced of the value of this method.


Gideon Remfry

Wellness Director
KX and KXU, London, UK

Measuring body composition is really important as part of how we show our Strength, Yoga and U-cycle group exercisers how they are achieving their results and goals. We have additionally used the seca measurements to assess the success of our KXU medispa whole body cryo therapy and red light PhotoBioModulation (infrared red) treatments with excellent results. There are numerous ways of testing and we have found the seca mBCA the most robust method of bioimpedance thus far.